What is the Rovers Yahoo e-group?

The e-group is a group e-mail address that is used to communicate to all club members who are subscribed. There are a variety of uses for this forum such as:

Subscription to the e-group is available to Minnesota Rovers club members only. Only current club members will be able to post messages and send/receive them via e-mail. However, anyone can view the messages on the Yahoo website.


If you are a current member of Minnesota Rovers and you are not already subscribed to the e-group, visit the website or send an e-mail. Please include your name, membership number, and expiration date. The e-group moderator will approve your subscription when your club membership is verified.

If you are not a member of Minnesota Rovers or your membership has expired, you can sign up or renew online or at a Tuesday program.

Once subscribed, to post a message use this e-mail address. To unsubscribe, use this email address.