Cage Equipment Checkout Policy

As a benefit of being a current member of Minnesota Rovers Outdoors Club, you are eligible to borrow equipment from the equipment cage to use and enjoy. This is a great way for beginners to try various equipment for new activities without having to make a huge investment in gear right away. There is an extensive inventory of items available for you to use.

Our cage coordinators volunteer their time keeping equipment organized and ready for use. Please be respectful of the club, the equipment, and the cage coordinators, by following the rules outlined below.

  1. Check out and return equipment on Tuesdays.

    Equipment must be checked out on Tuesday after the meeting and returned on the next Tuesday after your trip. Don’t hang onto the equipment—someone else may want to use it. Should your trip require use of equipment longer than the standard checkout and return week, please discuss the requirement with the cage coordinator to determine if the equipment can be made available.

    All equipment is expected to be returned clean and dry. This is very important for tents. Sleeping bags are to be aired out before return, but not laundered.

    If you are concerned about availability of a piece of equipment for your trip, please contact the cage coordinator in advance to determine availability.

    Please don’t ask the cage people to meet you, drop off your equipment, or make special trips. Keep in mind the cage coordinators volunteer their time and energy and are busy—just like you are.

  2. Check out and return equipment for yourself and not others.

    If you sign out a piece of equipment, you are financially responsible for loss or damage. You will not be held responsible for damage to equipment that is considered normal wear and tear used under normal circumstances.

    Do not give equipment to another person to return for you. Do not check out equipment for others to use unless it is for a trip you are coordinating and you feel comfortable doing so. If equipment you checked out is not returned or is returned damaged beyond normal wear and tear, you are responsible for replacing it.

  3. Only current members of Minnesota Rovers are allowed to use the equipment.

    Checking out cage equipment is a benefit of Rovers club membership. Your membership dues pay for new, updated equipment. You are not allowed to check out equipment for non-members to use.

  4. Equipment is to be used only for official announced Rovers trips.

    Use of the equipment is limited to trips that have been announced at a Tuesday meeting and/or posted on the website. Equipment is not for use on personal or unannounced trips.

  5. Bring your membership card and fill out the form completely.

    When checking out equipment, you will be provided with a form to fill out. Fill this out completely including your first and last name. Your telephone number is required so we can reach you if we have questions about the equipment you checked out. Also include your address and Rovers ID number with expiration date—you will be asked to show your card at the time of checkout.

  6. Report any problems with equipment.

    Please report any problems or equipment failures when returning equipment so the cage coordinator can attend to it before someone else borrows it. Would you want to find out too late that the poles are broken or missing on a tent you borrowed for a week-long backpacking trip?

(Rev October 2006)

Cage Equipment Check Out Policy (pdf)