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During most every Tuesday meeting, a program is featured immediately following the discussion of upcoming events and other announcements. Programs range from multimedia presentations and informative discussions on topics such as past trips, wilderness preservation, equipment demonstrations — to tips & techniques such as bicycle maintenance, backpacking for beginners, how to hang a bear bag, wild flower identification, and other outdoors-related topics.

If you would like to schedule a program/presentation or have ideas/requests for a future Rovers program, contact Tom J.

If you have any other questions about Minnesota Rovers, please e-mail us at info@mnrovers.org.

Upcoming Programs & Presentations

  • April 22: Shark Week. A journey into the depths. Over six years of scuba travels depicted in spectacular video and underwater photographic form . It will cover diving in the waters of the island of Bonaire, the shark waters of Honduras, the world class drift diving of Cozumel. Plus, surprise locations and a brief introduction to underwater photography. Presented by Chad Hopp.
  • April 29: DownStream/Upstream. A Journey Through the Urban Water Cycle documents a two-week journey that 39 kids, ages 4-6, took to explore the infrastructure of water. On exhibit are the photographs, artists' books, maps, and diagrams that illustrate their exploration of the urban water cycle starting from a classroom sink to the Mississippi River — upstream and downstream. Jonee Kulman Brigham led a structured and creative collaborative project that allowed children to explore cultural narratives and issues of sustainability related to the flow of water. Joni Kulman Brigham.
  • May 6: Spring Intro Show. Featuring a digital slide show set to music and club representatives available to answer questions about the club. This is a great way to find out more about Minnesota Rovers, all the activities, and the people. Held at the Bloomington REI. Check the Special Events page for more details.
  • May 13: Gear Swap. Quality Gear from people who know their stuff Got Gear? Spring cleaning? Unused gear cluttering your house? Sell it at the Swap! Need Gear? Trying a new sport? Looking for advice? Find it at the Swap! Set up starts at 6:30 p.m. Open to the public, feel free to bring friends and family.

Past Programs & Presentations

The list below shows programs and presentations from past meetings. Use it as a reference for programs you might be interested in presenting or suggesting.

  • April 15: South India. This presentation is a look at life in rural India in the southernmost states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. These are some of the quietest, slowest, yet most hospitable areas of India. Explore towns and villages, mountains and plains, temples and churches. Presented by Ted Ulrich.
  • April 8: MN Children and Nature Connection. When children spend time playing and learning in nature, they reap physical, emotional, social, cognitive and academic benefits. Dr Cathy Jordan will discuss what we know about these benefits based on research. She will also present information about the Mn Children and Nature Connection, a coalition of professionals passionate about reversing the trend toward the disconnection between children and their natural surroundings. Presented by Dr. Cathy Jordan Director of the University of Minnesota Extension’s Children, Youth and Family Consortium and member and former chair of the MN Children and Nature Connection.
  • April 1: Landscaping With Native Plants. “If suburbia were landscaped with meadows, prairies, thickets, ... then the water would sparkle, fish would be good to eat again, birds would sing and human spirits would soar.” – Lorrie Otto
    A short presentation on the benefits of replacing your non-native plants and grasses with natives. Marilynn will also talk briefly about a non profit organization that she volunteers for, Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes. Our mission is to teach, and change the practice of gardening in our communities and around the country to using native plants. Presented by Marilynn Torkelson.
  • March 25: Hiking the Wonderland Trail. The Wonderland Trail completely encircles Mt. Rainer in Mt. Rainier National Park. View the journey through the eyes of backpacker who hiked it in 1988 and again in 2013. Learn tips and tricks for getting a permit in the lottery, where to cache food, the best campsites, etc. Presented by Nadine S.
  • March 18: Winter in the BWCA. A presentation and photo slideshow of winter camping in the BWCA. Three of us spent four days and three nights pulling sleds with our camping gear over the lakes and portages this last January. After driving down the Gunflint Trail to Round Lake we entered the wilderness at entry point 51. Learn a few things on what it takes to have a fun winter camping trip. Also I'll throw together a collection of photographs from previous winter camping trips that I have taken over the years. Presented by Jim Brekke.
  • March 11: Adventures in Southern Africa. Ever wonder what it would be like to spend a month camping in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe; from Cape Town to Victoria Falls? See what it's like to go from the Cape of Good Hope; to temps of 125 degrees in the Namib desert; to wild game reserves and rain forests. Come hear all about it so you can make plans to do it too! Presented by Karen Nikolai.
  • March 4: The "Loon" Line. Ever wonder what the Loon on your Minnesota tax return is all about? Wonder why you should give up some of your refund? Now you can find out! Carrol Henderson will be joining us from the DNR to talk about the Non-game Wildlife Program; what it benefits, and why you may want to give it a second look when you file your taxes.
  • February 25: Fun in the Sand. Deserts were made for playing in! A short presentation on climbing, hiking and mountain biking in the Sonoran Desert. Blue skies and sunshine, three-hundred-sixty days of every year; truly. Grab your canteen/Camelback for a virtual vacation on Tuesday night, guaranteed to melt your ice dams. Presented by Holly Bayer.
  • Feb 18: Touring England. From the Cotswolds to Southwark, Warwick, Dartmoor, Oxford, Savernake Forest, Penzance, and finally to Lands End! Rambling, driving, punting & pubbing our way around England. Learn about best time, best places, and best way to tour England. Presented by Jen Oberg & Barry Shillingford.
  • February 11: Annual Meeting. Before the program (below); vote in the 2014 Board of Directors.
  • February 11: Pukaskwa Coastal Trail in Ontario. The 60 kilometer long Pukaskwa Coastal Trail parallels the Lake Superior Coast in Canada. Find out why this rugged wilderness trail will challenge a novice and expert alike, and why the incredible scenery makes this trek so rewarding. Plus tips on light weight backpacking, water taxi and fees. Presented by Martin (Mr. Kek) Kubik, founder of the BWA Committee.
  • February 4: Hiking the Columbia Gorge. Travel with a group of Rovers through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge and the Mount Hood National Forest. It was a 5 day trip in August with many scenic views of the amazing geography plus trees and flowers. Presented by Jim Hoeppner.
  • January 28: Invasive Species: What are they and what’s the big deal? Invasive species are entirely a human-made phenomenon. Zebra mussels, buckthorn, garlic mustard, Asian carp, emerald ash borer, and gypsy moths are invasive species that have become household names these days as the media pleads with the public to help stop their spread. In the U.S., about 3 million acres are lost to invasive plants each year (twice the area of Delaware). Invasive species, if left unchecked, will limit many uses on lands now and for future generations. Now is the time to act to reduce the threat of invasive species in our region. Will you join the front lines of our defense team? Presented by Angela Isackson.
  • January 21: Biking the MRT. The Mississippi River Trail is a bike route from Lake Itasca to New Orleans. I biked the MRT from St Paul to New Orleans in November. Slides and Show & Tell of the gear I use for lightweight long-distance bike touring. Presented by David Byrne.
  • January 14: Touring Europe by Bicycle. Join us for an evening to discuss traveling by bike in Europe. Veteran Italian bicycle tour guide and world traveler, Cristina Taioli will present a photo slideshow presentation, a discussion sharing travel stories, and dreaming about her cycling adventures in Europe and South America!
  • January 7: Lebanon Hills — Jewel of the South Metro. Learn about recreational opportunities at the park voted City Pages Best Hike — 2013 and Star Tribune's Best of MN — Best Regional Park 2013. It is a place where you can get a real sense of wildness right in the heart of the Twin Cities. Also learn something of the history of the park and what its future may hold with the release of the proposed new Lebanon Hills Regional Park Development Master Plan. Presented by Holly Jenkins & Barry Shillingford.


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