Easy Guide for Coordinating Trips

  1. Start with an activity and/or destination of your choice. (Tip: Peruse the trip archives for ideas!)
  2. Use what you’ve learned from being on a Rover trip, or ask a fellow Rover for tips.
  3. Pick a co-coordinator.
  4. Submit your trip to the Minnesota Rovers web site and announce at Tuesday meetings. (Follow the easy “fill-in-the blank” trip form on the Minnesota Rovers web site).
  5. Connect with people to share information about your trip and learn if they’re a good fit for your trip.
  6. Sign up people for your trip.
  7. Organize people, tasks, gear, and information for your trip. (Use the pack lists and forms in the Trip Planning page.)
  8. Get together ahead of time with your people to plan and prepare for the trip.
  9. Have fun on your trip! Be safe.
  10. Come back from the trip. (Awwww.…Do we have to?) Settle up costs, return gear, submit a trip report to the e-group, and tell us about your trip at the next meeting!