Adopt a Wood Lot Buckthorn Removal at Elm Creek Park

Sun, 12:00 am

Nov 23



Trip Description

KILL BUCKTHORN!!! Rovers has adopted a wood lot in Elm Creek Park. This year we will be concentrating on removing buckthorn. We will be working from 9am to about 3pm. You can join us for as much of that time as you like. We will be pulling small buckthorn and cutting up and piling larger trees that are already cut. You should bring gloves, eye protection, water, snacks, and a lunch if you will be there that long. If you have nippers or a bow saw we will need a few of them for the cut trees. We will be parking just north of the dog park (map to be posted soon). Please join us so we can get off to a good start.

Estimated cost: $0. Deposit: $0. Max trip size: unlimited.

Sponsoring organization: Three Rivers Parks

Tom H. & Cheryl B.