Bicycling,  Fireworks, and Fun

Fri, 12:00 am

Jul 4

Max Trip Size: 15



Trip Description

We will start our bike ride at 4:00p.m. from the Minnetonka Community Center and jump on the LRT trail. It is a five-mile bike ride to Excelsior via trail system. In Excelsior, we will be finding a great spot to sit and lay our blankets out for fireworks. Enjoy the Excelsior Commons where there is music, food, and great people watching. An air show starts at 8:00 p.m. The bike home will be after fireworks and a headlamp is needed. Every year fireflies dazzle us and it is a wonderful adventure. My kids age 9 and 12 will be with me.

Estimated cost: $0. Max trip size: 15.

Regina R.