Biking, hiking or kayaking/Adventure Light

Bayfield, Wisconsin

Fri - Sun

Jul 21 - 23

Estimated Cost: $85

Deposits are non-refundable. The trip coordinator may consider returning deposits on cancellation, but details are up to the trip coordinator.

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Max Trip Size: 10


Summer Trips, Bicycling, Hiking, Paddling, Other, Beginners welcome


Maggie P.

Trip Description

I am planning a trip to Bayfield for the weekend of July 21-23. I will rent the house that Rovers use in the winter and have room for 6-10 people depending on the mix of singles/couples. There are 3 bedrooms-2 with twin beds and one with a queen bed. I also have the 2 motel rooms right above the main level. The place is right along the highway so you do hear some road noise at night.

I am hoping to do some biking on Madeline Island but people are free to do whatever activities they enjoy-hiking, kayaking, shopping, wine tasting. Bayfield has a lot going on in the summertime.

The cost of the trip will probably less than 100.00. People will be on their own for lunch and we’ll probably do a potluck for dinner. I will bring a variety of foods for breakfast. The place has a full kitchen.

If you are interested please contact me either by e-mail or phone 715-866-4870.