Last Chance Backpacking the SHT

North Shore, MN

Thu - Sun

Oct 5 - 8

Estimated Cost: $50

Deposits are non-refundable. The trip coordinator may consider returning deposits on cancellation, but details are up to the trip coordinator.

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Max Trip Size: 6


Summer Trips, Hiking


Mike L.

Trip Description

Last chance backpacking trip
I want to see if we can sneak in a last chance superior hiking trail backpacking trip. Probably around 15-20 miles total (5-9 per day depending upon what the crew wants). I would really like to cover the area from silver bay to Finland for sure. Food on your own. Leave midday Thursday and camp or stay in a cheap motel Thursday, hike Friday and Saturday, and a short hike Sunday before we head home. We will have to arrange a shuttle most likely. Hopefully it won’t be too cold.