MISS Adventure Day Trip - Hike

Sibley House Historic Site to Pilot Knob, MN

Sat, 10:00 am

Mar 25

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Christy J., Brian G.

Trip Description

Did you know that we have a National Park located in the Twin Cities Metro Area? The 72 mile stretch of the Mississippi river, as it winds through the Twin Cities Metro area, makes up the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area. AKA: MISS.

Join us on Saturday, March 25, from 10 AM - 12 PM as we explore more of the hidden gems of the Mississippi National River & Recreation Area.

Meet at 10AM at the Sibley House Historic Site, home of the oldest Euro-American settlement in Minnesota and Henry H. Sibley, Minnesota’s first Governor, and the center of the fur trade in the early-mid 1800’s. We will walk south on the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) / Big Rivers Regional Trail to Pilot Knob and hike up the steep hill (may be muddy!) to the top of Pilot Knob, explore the area & take in the scenic views of the Minneapolis Skyline and two river valleys. We will be hiking on paved & dirt trails, with a steep hill to hike up & down.

There may be migrating birds, so bring your binoculars. Exploring parts of Acacia Cemetery, “home” to notable Minnesotans such as Charles W. Holman (Holman Field in St. Paul) and Harold Stassen, MN’s 25th Governor, is also an option. We will return via the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) / Big Rivers Regional Trail to the Sibley Historic site.

Directions: The Sibley House Historic Site is located at 1357 Sibley Memorial Highway, Mendota, MN 55150. Here’s a map.

PARKING: Available behind & in the vicinity of the Sibley house or on Sibley Memorial Highway.

Please note, the buildings at the Sibley Historic site are closed, but we will explore the grounds. Also, there are no facilities / public rest rooms at Sibley Memorial Site nor at Pilot Knob. There is no admission fee to the park.

There are a few restaurants / pubs in the area if folks want to gather for lunch & socializing after the hike.

Here are some links for more information:

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