Fall camping & more along the Mississippi at Frontenac

Frontenac State Park, Minnesota

Fri - Sun

Oct 13 - 15

Estimated Cost: $25

Deposits are non-refundable. The trip coordinator may consider returning deposits on cancellation, but details are up to the trip coordinator.

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Max Trip Size: 35


Summer Trips, Bicycling, Camping, Hiking, Other Summer Activities, Other, Day Trips


  1. Carrie K
  2. Suresh S

Trip Description

We had so much fun on Suresh’s trip to Frontenac in Oct 2016 that we’re teaming up with him to do it again for 2017. Group campsite for 35 people has been reserved. We’ll also include a day trip option for those who want to join us for activities like a beautiful fall hike or bike ride. More details to come late summer 2017.

PLEASE NOTE: you will be able to sign up for this trip starting late August 2017 once we have final costs and details available.