Bicycling, Hiking, Paddling, Other Summer Activities

Itasca State Park , MN

Fri - Mon

Sep 1 - 4

Estimated Cost: $115

Deposits are non-refundable. The trip coordinator may consider returning deposits on cancellation, but details are up to the trip coordinator.

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Max Trip Size: 31


Summer Trips, Bicycling, Hiking, Paddling, Other Summer Activities, Other, Beginners welcome


Sandy A , Mary Ann A.

Trip Description

Hiking, Biking, and Paddling at beautiful Itasca State Park. We have the entire Hostel to ourselves, which is across the park road from the lake where you can rent bikes, kayaks, and canoes (or bring your own). Games, laughter, and/or music around the campfire in the evenings or a short hike over the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River are likely.

Don’t dawdle until the last minute to sign up as there’s always a summer-end rush and a wait list. Payments must be received in full to save your spot. This is a cooperative trip where everyone pitches in to help with meals.

Contact Sandy for reservations. Estimated cost is $115 includes 3 night lodging, 7 1/2 meals, and cleaning (what a deal!). Current membership and non re-fundable deposit required to reserve a spot.