Spiced Zucchini Chips


Thinly slice zucchini (1/8 - 1/16 inch)

for Red Curry Paste1 cup white wine1 tsp ginger2 tsp red curry paste1 tbsp. salt

Chili Powder1 cup white wine1 tbsp. paprika1 tbsp salt1 tsp chili powder1 tsp brown sugar

Mustard1 cup white wine1 tbsp. salt1 tbsp. brown sugar1 tbsp. powdered mustard

Cheese1 cup white wine1 tbsp. basil1 tbsp. thyme1 tbsp. savory1 tbsp. salt


Heat wine, spices and herbs to a simmer (be careful, it will boil over easily)Add zucchini slices and stirRemove from heat and let cool coveredWhen cool, transfer to a zip lock bag (get as much of the air out as possible) and put in refrigeratorLet sit for at least 12 hoursDehydrateLet cool and place in a rigid container (they will break up easily)

After dry, sprinkle with salt and grated cheese. Toast in oven at 250 degrees until cheese is melted

Recipe by Minnesota Rovers Outdoors Club at