We welcome you to come to a Tuesday program to meet some of our members and hear firsthand about our ongoing trips — there is socializing afterwards at a restaurant/bar (see program location page for current location). At the program, you will find out more information about the group, what trips and activities are going out, and you will have the opportunity to meet other members.

If you decide you would like to become a Minnesota Rover, you can either sign up at a Tuesday program with a membership director, or you can sign up online. If paying online, you will have a choice of paying with a credit card using PayPal, or printing the form and mailing it in with a check for payment.

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  • Equipment

    Need gear? You can borrow a wide variety of equipment needed for any trip coordinated by the Minnesota Rovers.

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  • Yahoo group

    The e-group allows club members to alert others of last minute trips or important events; post a trip report; ask outdoor-related questions; or communicate a change in plans.

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  • Discounts

    Members are eligible for a variety of discounts from local sporting goods stores, outfitters, and recreation facilities.

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