Bicycling and Folk Music in Burnett County, WI

Sat, 12:00 am

Jun 28

Estimated Cost: $20
Max Trip Size: 6



Trip Description

Join me for a day of bicycling — I will plan routes based on the interest of the group. Beginners are encouraged to join us. The music festival is at the historic Fort Folle Avoines in Danbury, WI. You can check out the line-up and purchase your ticket on their website. Discounted tickets are available until June 1st.Feel free to bring a tent and stay for the weekend and we can plan a ride for Sunday morning as well. I’ll provide breakfast. Danbury is only an 1 hr 15 min from the I35 split so you could just come for the day as well.

Estimated cost: $20 for the Festival. Max trip size: 6-8.

Maggie P.