Bicycling the Gitchi Gami Trail

Fri - Sun

Aug 15 - 17

Estimated Cost: $10

Deposits are non-refundable. The trip coordinator may consider returning deposits on cancellation, but details are up to the trip coordinator.

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Trip Description

Stay at Gooseberry Falls group camp site, ride in the Gitchi Gami Trail Annual bike ride, and enjoy the other myriad opportunities to explore the North Shore on this weekend trip. Arrive Friday anytime after 4:00 pm (may be available earlier if not in use), set up and enjoy a hike, paddle along the lake shore, take a brisk swim in Lake Superior, or just relax in the Nestor Grade group camp. You provide your own meals on Friday night, and all breakfasts, lunches and snacks. We’ll have a pot-luck supper on Saturday night. Group gear provided will include stove, water kettle and washing buckets (for your dishes).

To ride the Gitchi Gami trail ride on Saturday, sign up on their website. Options range from 28 miles out-and-back to 37- and 55-mile loops. This is a lightly supported ride with snacks and water available along the route. You should come prepared with a helmet (required) and your own repair kit or share with someone.

Group is limited to 30 people, and 5 spots will be held until August 1st for new members (those who joined in 2014).

Estimated cost is $10 for camping. Deposit (non-refundable) is $10. You must be a current member to sign up for this trip and your membership must be current at the time of the trip.

Email Audrey for more information, to sign up, and to get access to Google docs for more information (carpooling, tent sharing, pot-luck sign up, etc).

Estimated cost: $10. Deposit: $10. Max trip size: 30.

Audrey S.& Dori H.